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Ada 2005 Language Reference Manual

The documents on this page consolidate Amendment 1 to Ada 95 with Technical Corrigendum 1 and the Ada Standard (International Standard ISO/IEC 8652:1995). The Amendment was produced by the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22/WG 9 Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG). These documents are not an official publication or work product of the ARG, but rather are provided by Ada Europe as a service to the Ada community.

The development of Ada 95 and Ada 2005 would have been impossible without the strong foundation provided by Ada 83. As part of the numerous rounds of edits on the Reference Manual, the acknowledgments regarding the design team for the original language were unfortunately omitted. We apologize for this omission. The acknowledgment section for the Ada 83 language can be found in the Foreword of the Ada 83 standard.

For more on Amendment 1, see the ARG working site. For more general information on Ada 2005, see What is Ada 2005?

For an introduction to the differences between Ada 95 and Ada 2005, see the Rationale for Ada 2005. This is an unofficial document sponsored in part by the ARA. The Rationale gives an overview of the changes and additions in Ada 2005, and gives examples of their use.

The previous (Ada 95 plus Technical Corrigendum 1) consolidated standard is available here.

This is the final version of these documents, as Amendment 1 has been published as an International Standard.

Printed versions of this consolidated Ada Reference manual are available from Springer, and can be ordered from technical booksellers. For more information, click here.

Comments on the documents should be submitted to the Ada-Comment mailing list ( as outlined in Introduction of the Standard.

Ada 2005 Language Reference Manual (LRM)

The consolidated Ada Reference Manual, consisting of the international standard (ISO/IEC 8652:1995): Information Technology — Programming Languages — Ada, as updated by changes from Technical Corrigendum 1 (ISO/IEC 8652:1995:TC1:2000), and Amendment 1 (published by ISO as ISO/IEC 8652:AMD1:2007).

Also available for download as:

Print copies of the Ada 2005 Reference Manual have been published by Springer. See the article Accessing the Ada Language Reference Manuals for details.

The Ada 2005 Reference Manual has been converted to EMACS Info format by Stephen Leake. That version can be downloaded from his site.

Annotated Ada 2005 Language Reference Manual (AARM)

Intended primarily for compiler writers, conformance test writers, and others who wish to study the fine details, the AARM contains all of the text and various annotations in the Ada 2005 LRM. This 2005 edition includes the changes from Technical Corrigendum 1, Amendment 1, and annotations on them.

Also available for download as:

The Annotated Ada 2005 Reference Manual has been converted to EMACS Info format by Stephen Leake. That version can be downloaded from his site.

Other Ada 2005 Documents

Rationale for Ada 2005

The Rationale provides an overview of Ada 2005 features, examples of their use, compilatibility with Ada 95, and more. It was written by John Barnes, and was sponsored in part by the Ada Resource Association. The Rationale is available on-line in HTML and PDF formats.

Wikibook: Ada Quality and Style Guide – Guidelines for Professional Programmers

This Wikibook updates the widely used Ada95 Quality and Style for Ada 2005. It is designed to help computer professionals produce better Ada programs by identifying a set of stylistic guidelines that will directly impact the quality of their Ada programs. The book is also available in PDF and printable formats; see the wikibook contents page.

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